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09:00 – 18:00

Travelling Seminar «Forest as an investment».

Theme: Terms and possibilities of transition to an effective forestry as to the basis for sustainable development of the forest sector.

Target: Identify key issues and practical solutions in the implementation of the model of intensive forestry.


  • Demonstration of the examples of intensive forestry models : economic, environmental and legal aspects;
  • Comparison of methods and ways of forestry in terms of current costs and future silvicultural effect;

Discussion of «Conception of an intensification of use and forest reproduction» as a tool for the transition to an efficient forestry and forest industry development.

27 of September 2016 (Tuesday)

Hall «Ekaterininskiy»

09:00 – 10:00 Registration, Welcome Coffee.
10.00 – 10.20Official opening of the Forum

10.20 – 12.00

Plenary session «Strategy for the development of Forestry Industrial Complex of Russia».

Questions for discussion:

  • Russian Forestry Industrial Complex: figures and facts, assessment, and development scenarios.
  • Macroeconomic context of the development of the Russian Forestry Industrial Complex.
  • Promising sectors and wood processing focus areas of Forestry Industrial Complex, in view of the development of the internal and external demand for wood processing products. Ultimate conditions for the development.
  • Cluster-based approach with respect to the development of Forestry Industrial Complex.
  • Creation of a single strategy for the development of the Russian Forestry Industrial Complex through 2030.
Hall «Aleksandrovskiy II»
13:00 – 16:00

Conference «Global collaboration and cooperation in the Forestry Industrial Complex. Prospects in the global context, and investment potential».

Questions for discussion:

  • The role of the Russian Forestry Industrial Complex in the global economics: trends, challenges and prospects.
  • Key export destinations for the Russian forestry industry products.
  • Opportunities for the integration of the Russian companies in global production and sales chains.
  • Experience of the Russian forestry industry companies with respect to collaboration with global sales companies.
  • Regional fund-raising programs for the development of the Forestry Industrial Complex.
  • External and internal and fund-raising for wood processing in Russia.
16:00 – 18:00 Presentation of investment projects in the timber industry, implemented in the regions of Russia.
Hall «Aleksandrovskiy III»
13:00 – 18:00

Conference «Advanced forms of wood products sales».

Block 1. Prospects for wood products trade through commodity exchange in Russia. Challenges and possible solutions.

  • Analytics of the wood products market in DIY Network: product range, sales, growth perspectives.
  • Role of the sales representatives in logistical organization of wood products in DIY Network.
  • Principles of work of network retailers with material and wood products suppliers.
  • Procedure of supplies and essential demands for suppliers.
  • Key obstacles impeding direct cooperation between woodworking enterprises and retail chains in Russia, possibilities for overcoming the same.

Block 2. Opportunities for collaboration between the forestry industry companies and network retailers in Russia.

  • Review of the Russian logging industry and the environment of the raw wood market.
  • Experience in raw materials trade through commodity exchange in Russia.
  • Possibilities and advantages of raw materials trade through commodity exchange.
  • Need for setting standards for wood materials in order to arrange exchange trade. Problem of quality control of forest protects admitted to trading.
  • Need for and problems in implementation of wood sorting by suppliers. Organization of sorting and shipping warehouses.
  • Commodity exchange being the instrument for wood export regulation aimed at implementation of priorities of internal processing of perspective and critical types of raw materials.
  • Control over legal origin of wood material realized through commodity exchange.
  • Transparency of wood trading chain in commodity exchange being the guarantee of transaction compliance.
  • Recognition of commodity exchange by state monitoring authorities, incl. at the stage of customs control when exporting wood materials.

Block 3. Online trading platforms for wood and wood processing products.

  • Analysis of trade market of raw wood materials and wood products at electronic trading platforms (marketplaces) in Russia and abroad.
  • Experience in organization of market places specialized in raw wood materials and wood products in Russia. Problems, possibilities, perspectives.
  • Possibilities of electronic trading platforms for publication and obtaining of information about state procurements and tenders of companies and participation in them.
Hall «Aleksandrovskiy IV»

Conference «Implementation of the model of intensive and sustainable forestry management».

Block 1. New legislation for intensive forestry management.

  • Forestry and environmental requirements for implementing the model of sustainable and intensive forestry.
  • Main challenges and perspectives of development of intensive and sustainable forestry. Vision of timber companies.
  • Application of procedures for maintaining of biological diversity at logging operations. Experience of regions.
  • Foreign experience in permanent and sustainable forestry.
  • Potential for involvement of agricultural lands in forestry process. Regulatory barriers.

Block 2. New staff for intensive forestry management.

  • Forestry intensification. Perspectives for forestry education.
  • Increase of potential of graduates in intensive and sustainable forestry. Vision of timber companies.
  • Initiative of WWF of Russia and its partners in advanced training in the field of forestry.
  • Advance training of forestry expert personnel. Main challenges with reference to intensification of forestry.
  • Participation of students in practical training in timber companies.
  • International cooperation in the field of forestry education. Experience with the Сross-Border University program.

Modern information technologies in forestry and their application in educating programs for training relevant expert personnel.

28 of September 2016 (Wednesday)
Hall «Aleksandrovskiy II»
10:00 – 13:00

Round table «Wood and wood-related transactions recording. Federal Law No 415: practice and enforcement challenges».

Moderator:  Aleksandr MARIEV, chief analyst of Federal Forestry Agency, Head of the Project Group of the Federal Law from 28 December 2013 g.№ 415  « About Amendments to the Forest Code of the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation Code of Administrative Offences».

Questions for discussion:

  • On the process of implementation of the Federal Law of December 28, 2013 No. 415- Federal Law “On amendments to the Forestry code of the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation Code of Administrative Infractions”.
  • Requirements of 415- Federal Law regarding wood materials shipping.
  • Experience of the territorial entities of the Russian Federation in realization of 415- Federal Law provisions.
  • Legal precedents with reference to 415- Federal Law provisions. Realization of 415- Federal Law provisions by the Federal Customs Service.
  • Propositions and guidelines on improving enforcement of 415- Federal Law.
14:00 – 18:00

Round table «Development of wood board and plywood production in Russia».

Partner of the Conference:

Questions for discussion:

  • Wood board and plywood market: macro- and microeconomic context.
  • Market prospect analysis for various board and plywood industry products in Russia and abroad.
  • On-going board and plywood industry projects
  • Lean production: technologies for raw material utilization improvement
  • Board and plywood business diversification: opportunities and prospects.
  • Recycling of board and plywood industry waste.
  • Synthetic resins for the production of wood boards and plywood.
Hall «Aleksandrovskiy II»
10:00 – 18:00

Conference «Bioenergy and biotechnologies in Forestry Industry»

Block 1. Production and sales of various types of biofuel made of wood.

  • Existing environment and development trends in bioenergetics in Russia. numbers, facts, opinions.
  • Specific of operation of Russian pellet producers at the world markets of end users.
  • Certification of wood pellets according to the ENplus standard at the world market and in the EU. The effect of the certification on the pricing. Specifics of certification for the wood pellet producer and trader, certification procedure.
  • SBP certificates are the new level of requirements for industrial pellets.
  • Marketing perspectives in the premium segment of ENplus А1 and DIN Plus standards.
  • Production economics of pellets and briquettes. Efficient supply of raw materials and logistics.
  • Technology and equipment for the production of pellets and briquettes. Storage and shipping of biofuel.
  • Product quality control in production of pellets and briquettes. Equipment of the plant laboratory.
  • Charring. Bio-char pellets: properties, technologies and market perspectives.
  • Presentation of the business trip of the management of Russian pellet plants with the tour to the bioenergetic enterprises of the Czech Republic on 10-14 of October, 2016.

Block 2. Generation of heat and electric power through the use of wood biomass.

  • Role of a state in popularization of usage of renewable power sources. Foreign experience.
  • Biodiesel is one of the wood biorefining directions.
  • Possibilities for implementation of cogeneration in decentralized energetics in Russia, including the minor. Experience in implementation of projects.
  • Transition of boiler-houses in housing and public utilities system to burning of renewable power resources. Examples of implemented projects, economical and social effect, challenges in implementation.
  • Technology and equipment for generation of thermal and electrical energy using wood biomass. Know-how, innovations, effective solutions.
  • Burning of waste from all stages of wood refinery for getting energy as the way to increase the energy efficiency of a woodworking and pulp-and-paper mill enterprise.
Hall «Aleksandrovskiy IV»

Conference «Wood in the construction and wooden structures».

Partner of the Conference:

Moderator:  Aleksandr POGORELTSEV, Head of the Laboratory of wooden structures, TSNIISK

Questions for discussion:

  • Summary of the development of wooden building industry in the Russian Federation. Factors contributing to and preventing the industry development.
  • Practice of utilization of wooden structures for the purpose of construction of public and industrial buildings and facilities in Russia and abroad.
  • Innovative wooden products for the construction industry. Production experience, application practice, prospects, and factors preventing their use across the Russian construction industry.
  • Experience in the construction of residential premises using the wooden building technology within the federal and regional programs. The role of the government in the development of wooden building industry.
  • Foreign experience in the design development and construction of multi-storey buildings using the wooden building technology.
  • Technology and equipment for the production of wood-and-glue compounds. Advanced glue-based systems.
  • Wood-and-glue compounds: quality control and appraisal.
18:00 Closing of The Forum.

*Please, pay attention! The program may change. Possible changes can be specified by the Organizing Committee of the Forum.


Austria, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine.



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  • Accreditation of company representative, person
  • Information materials of the Forum
  • Participation in Matchmaking Center, service
  • Coffee-breaks within the framework of the Forum, person
  • Providing of the access to all Forum materials on-line after the event (presentations, program book, photos)
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